“Hey, listen!” Navi, the little fairy in Zelda, pleads throughout the game.

“Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!” The kids shout as they try to get your attention.

“Shut up you snowflake!” I’m told at least a dozen times a day on social media.

“Can we all just get along?”

In this day and age it has become hard to have a civil conversation. Everyone is increasingly polarized on all topics. This is in large part because of a certain man, we’ll call him Individual One, and those he has emboldened.

A lot of folks fall back on the bad habits of judging, negativity, lying, and dogmatism, when someone states opinions as if they are facts. We see a lot of the last two from Individual One. Which in turn makes others think its okay. Fun fact: it is not okay and it will cause people to tune out your message. Do not do this!

What you want to do instead is come at all issues with empathy, honesty, authenticity, and integrity. Compassion and love go a long way, too. This is a surefire way to get people to listen to your message, and trust what you’re saying.

“We believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate a message and we love helping people who help people.” is an excellent example of stating your message in a way that will make people want to pay attention. 

Listen to what Noah has to say on the topic here: