The Power of Positivity

“Cause It’s okay to fall down

It’s okay to crumble

I’ve seen this before

I have seen this before”

Those are lyrics from Camp Out by An Horse, off their album Rearranging beds. When I’m having a rough time, I’ll put the song on repeat. It helps me stop the negative spin and get back into a place of positivity. Part of what I love about the song is it’s about meeting your future love and manifestation.

Instead of saying, “I’m single and I’m going to be alone forever, I’m miserable!” the lyrics are:

This is a song for the one that I love 

I haven’t met them yet 

But I’m quietly confident 

It’s a simple example of how to take a negative statement and turn it positive. Which is one small thing you can do each day to help create a positive mindset.

I understand it can be hard to live in a positive space when you’re surrounded by so much turmoil. In this day and age we’re constantly battling: Toxic Masculinity, Rape Culture, the rise of White Supremacy, the effects of climate change, all the horrible things Donald Trump and his administration are doing, and the list goes on.

How do you stay positive in light of all that? Focus on what you have control of and be part of the change. If you see a marginalized person being mistreated, stand up and say something. If you have a buddy delving into “locker room talk” call him out. Sign petitions, use resistbot to talk to your representatives, vote in the next election. By taking steps like these you’re doing something positive and you’re creating change. Yay!

On last week’s Crafting Creativity Noah discussed the power of positivity. Take a look, and think about how you can apply his message to your daily life. Watch here!