Where do ideas come from? The question always makes me think of the highly quotable movie Empire Records. Not just because of the gem I posted above but because it’s a film that was released in 1995 but everyone can quote at least one line of dialogue from it. Much like if I was to say, “As if!” you’d immediately think of Cher and the rest of the Clueless gang.

Each of those movies started as ideas, and turned into iconic films of the 90s. Those films wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the cast and crew that built them. Creativity and innovation are always better when they are a team effort. Don’t let the fear of “what if they steal my ideas” stop you from collaborating! You may have part of an idea and someone else in your orbit may have the other. Together those pieces might create the next great (fill in the blank).

In the video Crafting Creativity: Where do ideas come from? Snowman Films, Noah Mittman, says “Great ideas fade into view over time. That takes patience, that is hard, and that is the game of creation and innovation.” see what else Noah has to say here: