What is Creativity? It depends on who you ask. For me and others at Snowman Films it is what we were born to do. When my sister Micayla was 3 she came down the stairs covered in what I thought was blood, it was my moms red lipstick. It’s a color I think everyone that wears makeup has in their collection. A vibrant red that makes you feel powerful. My sister had taken that lipstick and it was all over her face, the walls, and the carpet.   When my mom asked Micayla what she was doing she responded, “Mommy it art, I’m art.”

While I don’t cover walls with lipstick, I create with words, that statement is something I keep in the back of my mind. I’m art. Sometimes my kids take that literally:

A couple years ago they were painting and my youngest got some paint on him and was worried he would get in trouble. I explained that we could easily wash up in the bath and gave them permission to paint themselves or me. They both ended up covered in paint, I got out with a few marks, and a hoodie that needed to go through the wash.

My friend Avalon Yarnes creates with sugar and flour, she’s recognized globally as a cake artist. You can see more of what she does here.

How do we do creativity? Something we believe at Snowman Films is everyone has the ability to be creative, though not everyone has an easy time tapping into creativity. That is why we are here, to help you navigate your creative journey.

Watch the video Crafting Creativity: What is Creativity? here: