Lighting is one of the most important elements of a film. If you angle your lights too much you look like you’re in a film noir because of all the shadows.

If your lights are too low it looks like you’re standing in a horror film, and spoiler alert you’re the villain.

The above diagram is mostly used for film and television set ups. Yours doesn’t need to be nearly as fancy.

Step one set your camera up.
Step two mark where you’re going to stand.
Step three set your key light at a 45 degree angle from the front.
Step four set your back light, or hair light, 45 degree angle from the back.
Step 5 step into your frame, and check your lighting, tweak as needed.

This is what the frame will look like with no lights:

It’s really hard to see Noah. Now lets see what happens with one light.

You can see a little more, there’s some depth to his face. Now lets see what happens when he has two lights on him.

With that back light he pops out a little more from the background and is the central focus of the frame.

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